.08 – Supreme “Public Enemy” Tee

Supreme has been a powerhouse for the LA streets and streetwear culture in general for some time now, Getting new levels of brands for collaborations such as Rimowa, Wilson, and of course Louis Vuitton. They continue to grow their audience whether they pull in the kid off Instagram that came across a fit pic or someone who genuinely is interested in the brand as a whole. Supreme has become infamous for it’s fast sell out times and it’s tendency to sell for sometimes 5 times more than it’s retail value. Reselling Supreme has even become a career for people around the world.

With symbolically represented cues, more than musical connections can be made to Joey Bada$$’s “Ring the Alarm” off of his latest studio album, “All-Amerikkkan Bada$$”. Throughout the song cautionary messages to oppressing forces are cast through different levels of lyricism. He also repeatedly states the fact that as a minority he has become the Public enemy which helps to create visual and metaphorical links to the collection.

Joey bada$$ has been seen mixing and matching the different worlds of cultural and high-end fashion to make a message that matches his personality to a tee. In an interview with Vogue, Bada$$ evens stated that he hopes to expand his fashion collective “Pro Era” into an elevated streetwear behemoth akin to Supreme, indirectly stating his feelings towards the infamous brand. Joey Bada$$ is even being painted as Fashion’s Next “Triple Threat”, with his corresponding acting career as well as having his modeling contract with Calvin Klein.

Click below to check out Joey Bada$$’s album “ALL-AMERIKKKAN BADA$$” on Soundcloud, and keep an eye out for next Thursday’s Supreme Drop.