.04 – Vans x Fear Of God Slip-ons

Through the past few years, Jerry Lorenzo has made more than a few iconic pieces. However no release had ever gained as much hype as the first release of the infamous Vans x Fear of God silhouette. Over the years, Fear of God, or FOG, has established itself as a designer made to be comfortable. Lorenzo feels that when some individuals invest in designers it changes the person, and his goal with design is to keep someone the same while still bringing out their creative side. Fear of God has grown in popularity ever since the debut of the Justin Bieber tour merch that he created for Justin’s 2016 tour.

Musically, this shoe has made connections to Gunna, a rising star from College Park, Atlanta, and not only his song “Oh Okay” from his famed album “Drip Season 3”, but also to Gunna himself in that it represents the individualistic combination of comfort and style. Throughout Oh Okay Gunna makes references to his different levels of style and different fashion labels such as Vlone, Yves Saint Laurent, as well as of course Fear of God; explicitly stating “I done spent some racks on my fam, spaceship on land, Fear of God Vans”.

Gunna has only recently started becoming a very common topic, but has had the support of artists the likes of Young Thug, Future, and NAV. As he continues to gain fame in the rap game, he focuses on bringing melodies and wordplay to his literacy.

Click below to check out Gunna’s album “Drip Season 3” on Soundcloud, and keep an eye out for the next Fear of God Drop.