.06 – Off-White “Black Fire Tape” Tee

Virgil Abloh has come to be known for barely hiding his messages through his clothing, often even just stating the message as plain and simple as it can be with designs often featuring the motif being stated surrounded by quotes. Boasting collaborations with companies such as Nike, Champion, Heron Preston, and other large brands, Off-White has made more than a name for itself. The “Temperature” collection from the Summer/Spring 2018 season goes a long way in describing his simplicity based mindset through different mediums of design that stem from Virgil’s Creative perspective.

Desiigner’s track titled Timmy Turner has more than just metaphorical ties with both this piece and this whole collection in its entirety. Throughout the song (once it first surfaced as his 2016 XXL freshman freestyle) he voices a cautionary tale of a young adolescent whose perilous situation leads him to making dangerous choices. Throughout the collection, features such as caution tape can be seen plastered on several different designs and silhouettes. While the collection doesn’t necessarily tell explicit stories of the youth carrying weapons, it does paint pictures of his caution inspired designs that have been intermittently introduced since the launch of Off-white back in 2012.

Connections between the two artists almost definitely exist due to the strong connection between Virgil and Kanye West, Desiigner’s label-mate. Kanye has made it clear that as he signs new people to his creative collective, G.O.O.D. Music, the main intent is “expanding his artists creatively” so it could be assumed that Kanye has introduced the two and pushed creation on some level.

Click below to check out Desiigner’s song “Timmy Turner” on Soundcloud, and keep an eye out for the next Off-White Drop.