.03 – Revenge X Storm Low Top “Orange/Green Camo”

Ian Connor, aka @SouljaIan on twitter has had more than his fair share of the limelight in the fashion world and in the press. On the fashion side of things, Connor can boast about his expansive designer collections, his connections, and now his own sneaker, the Revenge X Storm. This shoe has sparked endless controversy due to it’s similarity with the infamous Vans Old Skool silhouette. While some argue that there was a lack of creativity in his designs, I believe it took nothing but creativity to take his own branding and move it into a marketable product that managed to grow his net worth estimates into the million dollar range.

Musically, visible ties exist with A.CHAL’s Perdóname. If you have been a follower of Ian Connor’s for a while than you know that the majority of his posts often consist of either flexing foreign bills or putting together outfits full of designers from countries all around the world. Throughout the visuals for Perdóname, A.CHAL finds himself with foreign women, and exploring exotic places in a combination of green and orange hues that coordinate with the shoes’ colors. This video also gets recognition among fanbases similar to Connor’s on apps like tumblr due to the similar art styles and editing techniques.

Evidently, there is a connection between the two creatives as Ian tweeted recently about A.CHAL, showing appreciation for the music and posting about his favorite song off of A.CHAL’s latest album, On Gaz. Both Ian And Alejandro (A.CHAL) have been pushing their art styles for a long time and continue to gain popularity at similar rates. In addition to this, both artists gained initial fanbases and continual growth in their respective audience’s through the popular platform of Tumblr.

Due to the contrasting fields these two work in, it isn’t always expected for similar creativity to be shared through their work. Regardless of the creative barrier, this shared art style has led to a majorly iconic sneaker.

Click below to check out A.Chal’s album “On Gaz” on Soundcloud, and keep an eye out for the next Revenge x Storm Drop.