.02 – Off-White “I Just Was Thinking” Tee

Virgil Abloh comes from a past of difference and rapid change. One thing many people don’t know about the creative behind the Fashion House of Off-White is that he was at one point a DJ, even stating to Billboard in an interview, “DJing is the new golf.” And as he keeps his role as CEO in Off-White and now being the head menswear designer at Louis Vuitton, he hasn’t lost his noteriety as a DJ, opening Travis Scott’s “Birds Eye View” tour. From his past in music, he has managed to sustain several connections with several famous rappers and artists alike. The most prominent (in my opinion) of which frequently making appearances on this blog, Kanye West.

In my opinion, this piece most narrowly connects to Kanye West’s infamous “Wolves” track off of The Life of Pablo. Similar cautionary tones are shared throughout both Wolves and this tee which has also been an evident piece in Off-Whites designs since the start. In a interview with Observer, Virgil was asked for his opinions on The Life of Pablo; he responded by stating that it, “…adds a layer to the culture that comes through hard work, precision and dedication.” You can see musical cues from TLOP in this design with the darker motifs and short phrases linking the mindsets of West and Abloh with fashion..

Kanye and Virgil have had a strong connection since 2009, both having started in the fashion world with internships at the famous fashion house of Fendi. They became very supportive of eachother, Kanye later beginning to endorse Off-white and also Pyrex Vision, Virgil’s first company, or as he references it, an artistic experiment. Since then, Kanye has come out to discuss his opinions on the connection between him and Virgil and his thoughts on his achieving success through his position at Louis Vuitton. While they do have a strong connection, he made it a very clear that Virgil was not one of his creative directors rather just a creative collaborator.

Click below to check out Kanye West’s Album “The Life of Pablo” through his webiste, and keep an eye out for Virgil’s new SS18 season.